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Offering a broad selection of species and strains, we support today’s most critical research with the timely delivery of study-ready, preconditioned, and genetically engineered animals. Our leading scientists and global network of AAALAC-accredited vivaria and breeding facilities provide clients with accessible, expert management of outsourced colonies, biology services for line creation, maintenance and preservation, advanced diagnostics, and health monitoring. Additionally, Charles River’s Insourcing Solutions team can support your vivarium with customized staffing solutions, consulting, and training management.

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GemPharmatech is a research organization offering genetically engineered mouse models and services to global preclinical R&D communities. We develop animal models using advanced gene editing technologies, featuring a diverse range of cKO/KO mice, humanized mice, immunodeficient mice, and germ-free mice. We provide comprehensive preclinical services, including customized mouse models, pharmacology services, CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing, cryopreservation, rapid expansion, and tailored breeding.

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Inotiv provides deep expertise and scientific capabilities across the discovery and continuum. We support our clients from the beginning of discovery, through investigational new drug (IND) and beyond, all with the aim of delivering a superlative experience.


We provide bioscience instruments and tools such as electroporators, electrofusion units, and electrodes for life science experiments. We also provide oligo DNA, peptide, and sequencing services for researchers at universities and other institutions. The CUY21EDITII and Genome EditorTM are equipped with high-specification systems with various pulse patterns.

Calibre Scientific is your expert partner for micromanipulation and microinjection. Our comprehensive product line now includes the well-known TransferMan 4r, InjectMan 4, FemtoJet 4i/x, and CellTram 4r. All paired with the right accessories to support your cell manipulation research.

KYUDO reagents for rodent IVF-related procedures feature prominently in CBU’s worldwide distribution catalog of 6,000+ Japan-made products for life science research from 60+ suppliers. Long trusted for quality and efficacy, KYUDO’s products are developed jointly with CARD, the Center for Animal Research and Development at Kumamoto University. North American researchers will marvel at 50,000+ more products from international suppliers represented domestically by CBU.

CryoGene is an industry leader in the management of critical biological commodities to support cell and gene therapies, GMP biologics, and public health research. CryoGene can accommodate both long and short-term cryogenic storage needs. CryoGene storage options include storing materials at room temperature, 2-8°C, -20°C, -80°C, or at -196°C.

Cyagen is a global provider of genetically modified rodent models and cell and gene therapy solutions for R&D. Services include disease model development, viral vector manufacturing, CAR-T cell construction, and more. AI tools and CRO platforms accelerate drug discovery in specialized areas like ophthalmology, immuno-oncology, and neuroscience.

Embryotech Laboratories is an ISO-17025 accredited test laboratory providing services to the assisted reproductive technologies industry and laboratories, providing the latest quality control assays, including Mouse Embryo Assay, Endotoxin Assays, and Sperm Assays—offerings in contract research and production of Culture Medium. We are the leader in supplying cryopreserved mouse embryos.

Hamilton Thorne manufactures and markets laser systems, sperm analyzers, and a range of IVF equipment that enable breakthroughs in developmental biology research markets. With our sister companies, we proudly offer incubators, workstations, air filtration, media, and consumables to improve the workflow of our worldwide customer base in animal research sectors!

IDT has progressed from a leading oligo manufacturer to a genomics solutions provider, supporting key application areas such as Next Generation Sequencing, CRISPR Genome Editing, Synthetic Biology, Digital and Quantitative PCR, and RNA Interference. The expanded portfolio enables researchers to rapidly move from the lab to life-changing advances.

Ozgene is a leading company providing genetically modified mice for researchers around the world. We offer a full spectrum of pre-clinical capabilities from the development of mouse models through to breeding, characterization and phenotyping. Ozgene is also the developer of the proprietary goGermline™ technology with improved 3Rs and leading timelines.

Regeneron is a leading biotechnology company that invents, develops, and commercializes life transforming medicines. Regeneron is enhancing the traditional drug development process through its proprietary VelociSuite® technologies, such as VelociGene®, which enables unprecedented speed and capacity for the validation of therapeutic targets and the creation of animal models of human disease as a critical first steps in process of developing new medicines.

Shanghai Model Organisms provide more than 8000 mouse strains and one stop shop animal customization service. Additionally, SMOC provides pre-clinical services to support the new drug discovery. 

Quality. Precision. Reliability. For 50 years, Sutter Instrument has set the highest possible standards of performance and innovation. Decades of experience in motor control is combined with in-house, precision CNC-machined parts to create a line of versatile instrumentation to serve the tremendous growth in electrophysiology, micromanipulation, imaging techniques and microinjection applications.

Transnetyx serves research and the efficient care of animals through genetic services (Automated Genotyping, Genetic Monitoring, Microbiome and Tissue) and a free cloud-based breeding colony management software (Transnetyx Colony). With Transnetyx, labs and facilities can focus on efficiently and responsibly progressing reproducible research forward while effectively saving valuable time and resources.

The UC Davis Mouse Biology Program excels in research support utilizing mice as models. With expertise in genetic engineering, quality assessment, phenotyping, imaging, and cryopreservation, we provide comprehensive research support for your project. Committed to advancing biomedical knowledge and fostering global collaboration, we contribute to understanding human health and disease.

VectorBuilder is a global leader in gene delivery technologies. As a trusted partner for thousands of labs and biotech/pharma companies across the globe, VectorBuilder offers a full spectrum of gene delivery solutions covering virtually all research and clinical needs from bench to bedside. VectorBuilder is a global leader in gene delivery technologies.


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Mispro is an AAALAC-accredited contract vivarium organization (CVO) that operates a network of full-service vivarium research facilities where biosciences companies can conduct their own preclinical rodent studies with the support of Mispro’s animal care and regulatory compliance oversight services. Mispro has locations in all major U.S. biotech hubs.

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ParaTechs’ mission is to develop innovative technologies and bring to market novel products to enable discovery
and development in the areas of biotechnology. We specifically focus on improvements which promote the 3Rs
of Laboratory Animal Research by developing devices and procedures for rodent assisted reproduction