The local organising committee from Houston appreciates the opportunity to present Houston, Texas, USA as the destination for TT2023 and we would like you to the conference as well as what Houston has to offer!

Houston is a diverse city, and the 4th largest city in the United States, with a population that encompasses numerous ethnic groups. There are many unique aspects to the city, including museums, parks, and other easily accessible sites throughout the city. Houston is also home to a large population of scientists and technologists based mainly in the Texas Medical Center, which includes numerous investigators that use animal models in research, and the resource centers and technologists that supply those animals.

In addition to the TT2023 meeting, there is plenty to do in Houston. If you are considering extending your stay you will not regret it!

Tours & Adventure
Restaurants & Bars

Other activities that we would highly recommend include:

  • Downton Aquarium
  • Tour of Houston Cistern
  • Brewery Tours (Kerbach, 8th Wonder, Spindle Tap, B-52, Buffalo Bayou Brewing, St Arnold Brewing)
  • Cycling on Buffalo Bayou or the White Oak Bayou Trail
  • The Art Car Museum